Auracle Sound Ltd.

Client Testimonials

See what a difference the right music can make, both it terms of first impressions as well as lasting impressions. Right from the start Auracle aim to rise to the brief, responding to the demands of each customer, their AV infrastructure and their brand guidelines.

Here are a series of testimonials and feedback response from clients who have either upgraded to or adopted a new Auracle Sound licensed music streaming service. From Karndean using an iOS App on the iPad in the showroom, Davy’s with a progressive roll out of the latest IP audio Hardware receiver units to update their old Hard Disc system, the Holiday Inn redesigning the hotel interior along with the all important ambience. Itsu’s installation of it’s own live streaming radio channel as they evolve to become a nationwide chain of healthy eating establishments. Or a marked improvement for the renown Hogarth private member’s gym with a new upbeat dance channel in the workout and conditioning room.


The system is awesome! The internet cut off a while back and it just
switched to the onboard storage and it was seamless.

I love the small form factor as well. It really is great. We’re very
happy we went with you guys. I have recommended you to a gym owner that
I know, so hopefully they will consider you guys as well.

Ed and Tom at Auracle, couldn’t be more helpful. They were one of the only companies who would listen and work with us to create our own unique soundscape for our hotels. They took the time and the effort to help us evolve a music strategy that was unique to our hotel. They are proactive, accommodating and always on the ball, which is great for a start up company who have a lot of questions. I couldn’t recommend them more, and I love working with them.

We’re really happy with the app, its working perfectly and is exactly what we wanted!

I’ve spent the day at Tapster and just want to say I think the music is spot on! Its perfectly suited to the bar and customer base and really adding to the atmosphere we’re aiming for. Thank you!

Such a nice change to constantly complaining about the playlists!

I am pleased to say that the music that you are providing is great and the guest are really enjoying it.

“Auracle have been fantastic from the start, their install was seamless, they have a great selection of music and saved us money on our existing service.”

“We’re enjoying the system overall, much improvement on our old suppliers!”