Background Music For The Automotive Industry

Background Music For The Automotive Industry

Create a positive atmosphere and lasting impression in your car showroom with the latest copyright music.

Background music is a great way to set the mood for your car showroom. It’s not just about what you hear, but also about what you see: when background music is playing in the showroom, it creates an atmosphere that people enjoy and want to stay in. Background music can also help create a feeling of excitement or calm depending on your desired outcome. The right type of background music will help make any automotive dealership seem friendlier and more inviting than ever before!


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Background music in car showrooms can make a huge difference in the feel and mood that clients will experience when coming to see or buy a car.

That’s why it is important for car dealerships to choose background music wisely. In this blog, we will look at some of the best types of background music that car dealerships should consider using when they are hosting customers in their showrooms. We will also look at how these different types of background music can be used to enhance customer experience and drive sales.

One of the main benefits of using background music in showrooms is that it can help create a relaxing atmosphere. Background music has been proven to lower stress levels and improve moods, which is perfect if you want people to feel at ease while they are looking around your car dealership.


Do I need a license to play music in my showroom?

If you play music in your shop or business premises you will be required by law to have TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS. The payments received from business owners for TheMusicLicence then get passed on to composers, lyricists, recording artists, musicians, music publishers and record companies. Example:  If you play music to customers on a shop floor (100 sqm or less), your combined yearly music licence for a retail shop could cost around £307 (excluding VAT). A 50% surcharge may be applied if music has been played before being correctly licensed.

Higher rates apply for larger premises.

Can I use web based streaming services like Spotify, iTunes Radio, Napster, etc to play music in my showroom?

No, the Terms & Conditions that you agree to when registering for an account clearly states that these services are for personal, non-commercial use only:


As specified in our Terms & Conditions, Spotify Free and Premium accounts are for personal, non-commercial use only.



(i) You shall be authorised to use iTunes Products only for personal, noncommercial use. For details of your rights and restrictions on your rights to use the iTunes Products, see:


“The Services provided through the Application may be used for your personal, non-commercial use only. You agree not to (i) reproduce, record, retransmit, redistribute, disseminate, sell, rent, lend, broadcast, make available, communicate to the public, publicly perform…”

Do you offer any specialist showroom playlists?

Several of our live streaming channels will be suited for showrooms but if you have a specific requirement we can design your own signature soundtrack.

Can I pick up the tempo?

Yes, with the click of a button you can switch channel on the App to pick up the pace or drop it down. You can even have the channels programmed to schedule up and down across the day and throughout the week.

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