Auracle Sound Ltd.

About Auracle Sound Ltd.

Auracle Sound was founded in 2007, the partnership of an artist agency and music consultancy, Auracle Sound became an early pioneer in the world of IP audio streaming.

Today our service has helped hundreds of retail, leisure and hospitality businesses across the UK and EU to broadcast commercially licensed copyright music using robust and reliable internet streaming hardware technology.

Auracle Sound has moved with the times expanding it’s selection of music channels, App and Web Player software. We have also integrated with other Sonos and Singa Pro in-App solutions to bring a wider range of wireless and Karaoke solutions for venues.

Auracle Sound GmbH office in Berlin, supplies the same standard of high quality licensed music streaming to businesses across Europe.


Software players

Auracle Sound’s software solution offers a convenient and cost effectiveness way to subscribe to our commercially licensed music streaming service. Giving you instant access to the browser based Web Player or  iOS/Android Apps for tablets and phones.

Compact IP audio receiver with Bluetooth App

Choose one of our IP audio receiver units for the ultimate in reliability and peace of mind. Our dedicated set top boxes are designed specially for commercial application.

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Tom King

Founder and Technical Director. Acoustic Engineering BSc.


Edward Bigland

Founder and Sales Director. Social Anthropology BSc.



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