Auracle X Atmosphere TV

Free Digital Signage Video Streaming with Atmosphere TV through Auracle Sound, click below for more details.

Elevate Your Space

Atmosphere is the largest streaming TV platform built for businesses. Fun, viral-style entertainment for your customers plus the ability to run digital signage on the TVs inside your business.

Designed For Businesses. Loved By Guests

Standard TV programming isn’t made for business environments. We revolutionize the TV experience with viral-style videos usually viewed on phones.
No contract, no commitment, no invoices. We send a connected TV device pre-programmed with Atmosphere TV, which takes less than 5 minutes to set-up.
Unlike other digital signage solutions, Atmosphere dedicates the very first ad break after our eye-catching content solely to your business. This provides a more impactful way of communicating with customers.

Digital Signage In Seconds

We make it easy for businesses to create eye-catching ads on their TVs. Easily display marketing messages that drive customer action. Upload your own ad or use one of our predesigned templates.
Bars & Restaurants
Health & Medical

Entertainment Made Easy

Say goodbye to channel surfing! Choose from our curated pre-set playlists or create a custom one tailored to your business. No more wasting time searching for something to watch.

Amuse Guests Like Social Media

Our programming is fun, entertaining, and authentically voiced to help promote conversation among your guests. Keep your guests off their phones and engaged with your business.

Complement Live Sports And Events

Enhance the game day atmosphere that sports fans love while creating a positive vibe for your customers who don’t.

Atmosphere TV, a new video streaming partner of Auracle Sound, is offering an exclusive deal to our music streaming clients.

Throughout this partnership, you can order an Atmosphere’s TV service with 50+ channels and digital signage all at Zero cost to you.

With over 50,000 businesses worldwide taking advantage of Atmosphere’s TV service, it is a perfect solution for businesses who want to elevate their customer experience.

Atmosphere includes built-in digital signage to promote your services and help you to increase revenue.

There is typically a $199.99 (£150) sign-on fee but by signing up via Auracle Sound, Atmosphere will waive this fee for you.

See how Atmosphere can benefit your business:

  • £0/month when you stream 40+hours/month (+98% of customers meet this criteria every month)
  • 60+ family-friendly, audio-optional channels.
  • Eye-catching, mood-enhancing content
  • No contract
  • No TV license fee

See the Atmosphere TV sign up page to learn more.

Increase Sales

Customers are more likely to return to your business compared to businesses without Atmosphere.
Unlike cable, Atmosphere’s exciting, audio-optional programming is designed to keep your clientele off their phones and engaged with your business.


Increase In New Business


Increase In Repeat Guests

60k Active locations streaming Atmosphere

35 Countries supported with global content

Atmosphere Improves The Way Businesses Connect With Customers

We believe in spreading positivity and empowerment through entertainment.