In-Store Music For Shops

Get up to date with the latest current and classic pop background music with licensed streaming from Auracle Sound.

Instantly attract customers and entice them into your shop with a welcoming atmosphere. Small changes in layout, design, lighting, decor and background music can create a congruent chain of touch points that represent and reinforce your brand identity. These ‘touch points’ can make the difference between approach or avoid reactions for customers and music is the first point of contact. It is key that the music you play reflects your brand values and sends a consistent message to your customers. Once in-store, volume and tempo changes can increase dwell time and slow traffic flow to keep customers entertained as they browse.

Auracle Sound creates dynamic spontaneous playlists each day to keep things fresh both for staff and for the customer alike.


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Featuring In-Store Music for Shops & Retail is a way to create an environment that will make customers want to stay longer and spend more money. By creating the right atmosphere, you can increase the likelihood of making a sale by up to 45%. Background music will also improve your customer’s mood, which in turn improves their spending habits. Find out how Background Music for Shops & Retail Stores can help your business today!

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When it comes to shopping, we all know that music can have a significant effect on our mood. Background music for shops and retail stores is an important factor when considering the overall customer experience. A study by the University of Windsor in Canada found that customers are more likely to spend money when they hear background music playing in the store. The research also revealed other interesting findings about how different types of songs impact spending habits- with fast tempo beats encouraging people to buy more items than slow tempo beats!


To play music in your store you need to have a licence. If you need any support making sure you are compliant please let us know.

Do I need a license to play music in my shop?

If you play music in your shop or business premises you will be required by law to have TheMusicLicence from PPL PRS. The payments received from business owners for TheMusicLicence then get passed on to composers, lyricists, recording artists, musicians, music publishers and record companies. Example:  If you play music to customers on a shop floor (100 sqm or less), your combined yearly music licence for a retail shop could cost around £307 (excluding VAT). A 50% surcharge may be applied if music has been played before being correctly licensed.

Higher rates apply for larger premises.

Can I use web based streaming services like Spotify, iTunes Radio, Napster, etc to play music in my shop?

No, the Terms & Conditions that you agree to when registering for an account clearly state that these services are for personal, non-commercial use only:


As specified in our Terms & Conditions, Spotify Free and Premium accounts are for personal, non-commercial use only.



(i) You shall be authorised to use iTunes Products only for personal, noncommercial use. For details of your rights and restrictions on your rights to use the iTunes Products, see:


“The Services provided through the Application may be used for your personal, non-commercial use only. You agree not to (i) reproduce, record, retransmit, redistribute, disseminate, sell, rent, lend, broadcast, make available, communicate to the public, publicly perform…”

Do you offer a hardware player?

Yes, we offer a number of dedicated IP audio receiver units, a Compact, Compact Buetooth+App, or a LCD with display screen. See our players section for details.

Do you offer any specialist retail playlists?

Yes we do, contact us today about your brand values and we can work together to create the perfect playlist for your business.

How do I switch channel?

Switch channel quickly and simply by scrolling up and down the channel list on the music hardware player or clicking on a picture tile on the App.

If you have any questions regarding your own shop or retail business, contact us or request a call back from one of our representatives.