The Advantages of Curated Background Music in Business

There are many advantages to custom curated background music streaming in UK business environments, here are a list of the main advantages below:

  1. Improved Customer Experience
    • Creates a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere
    • Enhances the customer’s overall experience
    • Can influence customer behaviour and increase sales
  2. Increased Employee Productivity
    • Reduces stress and improves morale
    • Boosts creativity and problem-solving abilities
    • Can lead to increased productivity and profitability
  3. Enhanced Brand Image
    • Creates a unique and memorable brand experience
    • Differentiates your business from competitors
    • Can help attract and retain customers
  4. Cost-Effective Marketing
    • Provides a cost-effective way to reach customers and create a positive impression
    • Can be used to target specific customer demographics
    • Can help increase brand awareness and generate leads

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In the United Kingdom, music needs to be licensed for public performance due to copyright laws. Copyright protects the rights of creators, such as composers, songwriters, and musicians, and ensures that they are compensated for their work.


Here are some of the reasons why music needs to be licensed for public performance in the UK:

  • To protect the rights of creators: Copyright law gives creators exclusive rights over their work, including the right to control how it is used. This means that creators have the right to decide whether or not their music can be performed in public.
  • To ensure that creators are compensated for their work: When music is performed in public, it is considered a public performance and requires a license. This license fee helps to compensate creators for the use of their work.
  • To support the music industry: The money generated from music licensing fees helps to support the music industry, including creators, performers, and music companies. This support helps to ensure that the music industry can continue to thrive and create new music.


Here are some of the consequences of not licensing music for public performance in the UK:

  • Copyright infringement: Performing music in public without a license is a breach of copyright law. This can lead to legal action being taken against the infringer, which could result in fines or imprisonment.
  • Financial penalties: The Performing Right Society (PRS) and Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) are the two organizations responsible for collecting music licensing fees in the UK. These organizations can issue fines to businesses and individuals who perform music in public without a license.
  • Damage to reputation: Performing music in public without a license can damage the reputation of the business or individual. This can make it difficult to attract customers or clients.


If you are planning to perform music in public in the UK, it is important to obtain a license from the PRS and PPL. This will ensure that you are complying with copyright law and that you are not putting yourself at risk of legal action or financial penalties.


The Importance of Music in Commercial Settings

Music plays a vital role in creating the desired atmosphere and enhancing the customer experience in commercial settings such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and spas. It can influence the mood, energy level, and overall perception of a brand or establishment. Here are some of the key reasons why music is so important in commercial settings:


  1. Setting the Mood and Atmosphere:
  • Music has a powerful ability to set the tone and create a specific atmosphere in a commercial setting.
  • Upbeat and energetic music can create a lively and vibrant atmosphere, while slower and more relaxing music can create a more calming and soothing environment.
  • Businesses can tailor the music selection to match the desired ambiance and experience they want to provide to their customers.


  1. Enhancing the Customer Experience:
  • Music can significantly enhance the customer experience by making it more enjoyable and memorable.
  • Well-chosen music can create a sense of comfort and relaxation, allowing customers to unwind and enjoy their time in the establishment.
  • Music can also be used to create a sense of luxury and exclusivity, making customers feel special and valued.


  1. Influencing Customer Behaviour:
  • Music can subtly influence customer behaviour and decision-making.
  • Upbeat and fast-paced music can encourage customers to stay longer and spend more money, while slower and more relaxing music can create a more leisurely and laid-back atmosphere.
  • Businesses can use music to encourage customers to linger, order more food or drinks, and return in the future.


  1. Branding and Identity:
  • Music can be used as a branding tool to create a unique identity for a commercial establishment.
  • A distinctive and memorable music selection can help businesses stand out from their competitors and create a lasting impression on customers.
  • Music can be used to communicate the brand’s values, personality, and target audience.


  1. Employee Morale and Productivity:
  • Music can also positively impact employee morale and productivity in commercial settings.
  • Uplifting and motivating music can boost employee energy levels, reduce stress, and improve job satisfaction.
  • Happy employees are more likely to provide excellent customer service, which leads to a better overall customer experience.


In conclusion, music is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance the customer experience, create the desired atmosphere, and influence customer behavior in commercial settings. By carefully selecting music that aligns with the brand’s identity and the desired ambiance, businesses can create a positive and memorable experience for their customers, leading to increased satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability.


The Influence of Music Preference on Exercise Responses and Performance

2024 a New Year with new resolutions – is it time to get fit and how can the music preference in your gym help?

A recent study by Christopher G. Ballmann at Department of Kinesiology, Samford University states that, “Listening to music has been repeatedly shown to have ergogenic benefits during various modes of exercise, including endurance, sprint, and resistance-based activities.”

This has dramatic impacts for gym owners and the success of their business, are you getting the music right in your gym, could music help motivate your clients to go harder, faster, further with their exercise routines in January?

“Music is commonly incorporated into training regimens by recreational exercisers and competitive athletes alike. While specific modalities of exercise elicit varying physiological responses, listening to music has been shown to modulate many of these responses (i.e., heart rate, catecholamines, muscle activation) often leading to improved performance. Furthermore, listening to music during exercise may positively impact psychological (i.e., mood, motivation) and psychophysiological (i.e., rate of perceived exertion, arousal) changes, which may allow for favorable responses during an exercise challenge.”

1. Introduction

There is an ancient connection between music and exercise, “Descriptions of listening to different types of rhythms and melodies during competition or battle have been noted to go back thousands of years. Even centuries ago, different types of music often had the power to propel individuals to conflict or peace between cultures and religions. Indeed, early emphasis on the importance of music preference has been described to affect individuals’ overall feelings of positivity or negativity ”

Music is associated with sporting competitions and sporting events. Athletes use music to inspire them, “Elite athletes have reported listening to music during exercise training sessions, pre-competition, and warm up on the basis of their belief that it improves mood, motivation, and aids in achieving top performance levels. With this, large amounts of investigations have focused on the potential benefits of music during exercise primarily as, but not limited to, a means for improving peak performance.”

The effects of music in the gym are multifaceted, “Listening to music has been shown to improve performance in endurance, sprint, and resistance modes of exercise. The ergogenic and performance-enhancing effects of music may be achieved through several different alterations to the exercise response. Music has been shown to potently reduce the perception of fatigue and exertion through dissociation and distraction during exercise. Increases in arousal and neural activity while listening to music have been shown to accompany improved exercise performance . The synchronization of music and exercise may result in improved running economy, efficiency, and overall performance. Listening to music prior to and during exercise has been shown to increase motivation and effort, leading to improved performance outcomes. Improvements in performance may also be mediated through improved mood, exercise enjoyment, and increased feelings of power. Thus, the effects of music on exercise performance are multi-faceted, allowing for possible benefits in a wide arrange of athletic populations and exercise modalities.”

2. General Exercise Responses While Listening to Music

Music has been postulated to influence exercise performance through three main types of mechanisms: psychological, physiological, and psychophysiological

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2.1. Psychological

Music can influence your mind; “Psychological changes with exercise have been widely described to influence sport and exercise performance. Psychological responses influencing exercise performance may be related to well-being, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral domains which may impact both exercise compliance and capacity. For example, lower tension, depression, anger, and higher vigor have been associated with more successful athletic performance. Independent of exercise, music has been suggested to influence multiple psychological domains. Indeed, previous evidence has reported improvements in positive feelings, mood, and subjective fatigue while listening to music. ”

2.2. Physiological

In turn music can influence the subjects physiology, “The collective evidence suggests that music induces alterations in physiology in two broad areas: (1) neural activation (i.e., brain activity, autonomic responses, etc.), (2) metabolic responses (i.e., VO2/energy expenditure, lactate clearance, hypothalamic pituitary axis control, etc.). ”

3. Music Preference and Exercise Performance

Getting the music right, the key for gym owners is making sure the music played is suitable to the environment; “A broad working definition of preferred music is any song, genre, rhythm, etc., which individuals deem most favourable when presented with an array of music choices. Musical preference may remain static or exhibit fluidity, as increased exposure to certain melodies may possibly increase or change preference over time. Non-preferred is deemed least favourable when presented with musical choices.”

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3.1. Endurance Exercise

Getting the music right can help clients exercise endurance, “Endurance exercise is heavily reliant on being able to repeatedly sustain muscular force and combat fatigue. While music has been widely shown to improve endurance exercise performance, music preference may determine the efficacy of performance enhancement and psychological responses to exercise…”

3.2. Anaerobic and Sprint Exercise

Still more to learn in regards to the connections between music and exercise.

“Overall, the effects of music preference on anaerobic exercise are the least understood. Rasteiro et al. investigated whether listening to preferred music could induce changes in anaerobic threshold intensity. ”

3.3. Resistance Exercise

The importance of music in resistance training is more established, “Music is a widely used training tool by strength competitors and competitive athletes in the field. Various studies have confirmed the ability of music to impart the enhancement of strength, repetition volume, and the attenuation of fatigue during resistance exercise…”

3.4. Pre-Task/Warm-up Music and Performance

Sometimes music is not allowed at events, what is the difference?

“Many sports and contests do not allow for the listening of music during competitions, leaving music studies which intervene with listening during exercise of limited value. In these circumstances, listening to music immediately prior to giving effort (i.e., pre-task) or during a warm-up may be more applicable and practical. Both pre-task and warm-up music have been shown to improve performance in a variety of exercise modes, including endurance and resistance-based exercise.”

4. Practical Applications and Conclusions

“Music provides a very practical means for which to improve acute exercise performance. Music is easily obtainable, cost-effective, and potent as an ergogenic intervention. It is important to the current review to note that music can be easily personalized and individualized. This allows for athletes and coaches to fine tune music interventions on situational or characteristic bases. In the field, music is very commonly listened to during exercise or recovery, similarly by both competitive and recreational athletes.”

It is a simple to change the music in your gym, it is a quick and cost effective way to increase performance and enhance the atmosphere instantly.

So why not give it a go and get preferred music in your gym, visit our gym page for more details or sign up for a free one week trial with instant access here 




N.B. This research received no external funding.


Ones to Watch in 2024 – who’s going to be big this year?

With so many new artists emerging everyday on music blogs, independent labels, major labels or even self released how do you know who is going to be big in 2024? The lists below feature all the up and coming artists on the horizon right now, but things can change as viral hits and new tracks are released daily, for all the latest content streamed direct to your business premises subscribe to Auracle Sound’s web player and App. With thousands of tracks in every genre commercially licensed for public performance and streamed live to your premise you will be able to stay up to date with what’s going on in the music world while being fully licensed for public performance in your workplace.

Each week’s Top 40 and all the major releases, re-releases and re-masters are screened for curation into our live channel programming, the ones with universal appeal and acclaim and added to the live channels and will be streamed instantly to your business premises. No need to wait for updates with IP audio streaming.

Auracle Sound even offer music curation for UK businesses either through timed scheduling of existing channels or via custom playlists.

So here are the tips so far…

Who Are the Up and Coming Artists of 2024?

The Best Songs of 2023 – What were your favourite songs of 2023?

We had too many favourites to mention here from the worlds of ambient, balearic lounge, chillout, chillhop, chilled house classical, bar house, deep house, funk, soul, funky club house, indie rock, instrumental, jazz, latin, lounge, mellow pop, nu_jazz, pop, party dance, reggae, R’n’B, rock and world music.

Each of our channels has been reviewed and revised to include the best of each genre as widely acclaimed across the internet.

Here’s a list of best of 2023 lists …you can find all our favourites tunes in our live streaming music channels which you can sample these for free for 7 days by signing up here

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas…

Christmas is here again and to celebrate we are launching our Christmas live music channels and adding a pinch of Christmas spice to the Pop, Mellow Pop and Jazz channels as well.

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From the likes of; Artic Monkey’s, Elton John,Blondie, Wizkid, Lana Del Ray, Fred Again, Becky Hill, Lizzo, Kelis, Royal Blood, Maggie Rogers, Lewis Capaldi, Young Fathers, Rudimental, Dermot Kennedy, The War On Drugs, Thundercat, Phoenix, Sophie Ellis-Bexter, The Teskey Brothers, The Hives, Laura Mvula, Jayda G, Barrington Levy, Daphni, Weyes Blood, Yazmin Lacey, Lil Nas, Cat Burns, FLO, Maisie Peters and more…


New ‘Pride Month’ channel for July…

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