Music Works – The Benefits of Music in Business

MusicWorks is a joint research initiative between PPL and PRS for Music to demonstrate the positive effects of music and the benefits it can bring to businesses.
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Benefits of Music

From reducing stress to improving productivity, there are many benefits of playing music in the workplace.

The age-old debate of whether we should play music at work is ongoing, with one burning question taking top billing: is it or is it not socially acceptable to play music out loud in the workplace?

There is evidence to suggest that playing music can be beneficial for you whilst you are working. If some of your colleagues need convincing, why not use this handy list to show them the positive difference which could result from playing music in the workplace.

4 benefits of playing music

1. Music may boost productivity

Everybody strives to be their most productive at work. Whether you spend your working day in an office, a shop or a café, being able to maintain your focus at important times is pretty crucial.

One thing you could try to improve your productivity and focus at work is to listen to music. One study found that productivity is improved when staff listen to music whilst working. Unfortunately, you’re never going to please everyone with the music choice. Everyone likes something different, but there has been some research which shows that classical music works best for concentration.

Why? Well, classical music often doesn’t contain any lyrics, which can act as a distraction if you’re trying to immerse yourself into a deep task.

A group of friends enjoying the benefits of music in a coffee shop

woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of computer during daytime

2. Music may improve memory

Not only can music help you maintain your productivity during the day, it could  improve your memory…

One study, has suggested that music can have a positive effect on your memory if you enjoy that music. Finding a music genre that suits everyone in your office is a great idea. Perhaps it’s worth giving each member of the team access to the music, so they can turn off anything they really don’t like.

3. Music may evoke happiness

One of music’s most celebrated, and in fact useful, qualities is that it can really boost our moods. Happy and upbeat music may have a positive effect on our mood which could make you feel more positive whilst at work

If your role involves lots of repetitive, autonomous tasks, music can really lighten what might be seen as a long day ahead. If you are doing something that requires a little more concentration though, there is no need to switch off your favourite tunes. One study  suggests that being in a better mood could give your concentration a boost, enabling you to get on with more work during the day.

playing music may evoke happiness

playing music may reduce stress in the workplace

4. Music may help reduce stress

Another potential benefit of music is that it can help reduce stress levels. Working hand-in-hand with the idea that music improves mood, it can also leave you less likely to suffer with stress.

Studies even show that those who listen to music are likely to have lower cortisol levels, which in turn helps them to feel less stressed.

Why not put on some music to help you de-stress at work? It may help you relax and free up your mind to focus on the task in hand.

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