Hardware or Software

Music Solutions

Software Players

Auracle Sound’s software solution offers a convenient and cost effectiveness way to subscribe to our commercially licensed music streaming service. Giving you instant access to the browser based Web Player or  iOS/Android Apps for tablets and phones.

The Web Player’s online scheduler allows the user to programme a weekly timetable of relevant music channels to suit your business requirements, creating the perfect ambience at any time of the day.

Hardware Players

Alternatively choose one of our IP audio receiver units for the ultimate in reliability and peace of mind.

Our dedicated set top boxes are designed specially for commerical application. The LCD player features an on-screen display with front fascia controls to; select channels, adjust volume levels, and switch between offline  and online playback states. The’tamper-proof’ Compact which has no buttons, acts as a fully autonomous device. Remotely managed it has no need for manual interaction. The Compact is the most competitively priced advanced IP audio streaming device available.

Online management, remote scheduling functions and 24/7 status monitoring are all included in the monthly subscription charge. The IP audio receiver units have a large audio buffer which ensures an unrivalled playback performance. Both support an on-board solid-state memory backup in case of internet connection downtime with automatic fallback, ensuring continous playback.

For unreliable internet connections Auracle Sound also offer a ‘store & forward’ service, whereby content is stored on the devices with scheduled on-line music updates arranged out of opening hours. Offline playback does not allow for all the benefits of the live streaming solution but it does ensure consistent playback wherever the location.